Finding The Best Acne Products

Let’s face it, having acne is no fun.  It effects people’s social lives and can lead to being emotionally frustrated.  In addition, it can be devastating physically, since it can leave scars, many of which become permanent.  Luckily, there are many acne treatments out there that can help.  Unfortunately, there may be a little too many acne products that it can be frustrating to choose the best acne products.  So, how does someone choose one of the best acne products? Especially with new treatments being released regularly?  Well, the most important step is to educate yourself about the products.  This is important since no company will purposely badmouth their product.  They believe their product is better, which is the reason why they sell it.  Of course, there are exceptions, the ones who use mass advertising to cover their weaknesses, but, that’s a whole different topic.  After all, this article was written to help you find the best acne products for your skin.

Acne is the most common skin disorder, regardless of age, although, teens struggle with it the most, with a whopping estimated 85% of all adolescences having to deal with acne.  Out of that 85%, 30% will have to deal with it as an adult.  As for getting rid of acne, to be frank, there is still no cure.  However, it is controllable and preventable through acne treatments.  Acne forms when sebum, or oil that your body makes, gets trapped in your pores, making it an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.  It is triggered by changes in hormones, genetics, and your environment, such as stress and heavy physical activity.  To debunk some popular beliefs, it is not caused by dirt and sunlight does not “burn” acne away.

When it comes to choosing the best acne products for your skin, you need to first asses your skin type.  What works for some, will not work for others, and there is definitely no one magic product that will cure everyone’s acne.  If there was such a thing, there wouldn’t be so many products, so it is best to stay away from any one treatment that makes such claims.  The next step is to actually choose a treatment.  The most popular products will contain salycic acid or benzoyl peroxide.  Salycic acid works by dissolving the oil off your skin to prevent pores from getting clogged; meanwhile, benzoyl peroxide kills acne causing bacteria.  In fact, EMC2 is classified as a type of benzoyl peroxide treatment, since it is designed to copy the oil on your skin, tricking your body to thinking that it is its own, meanwhile, being laced with benzoyl peroxide which prevents acne from forming.  Other popular treatment options would include the oral pill Accutane, which changes one’s hormones.  This is also an effective treatment, although it is saved as a last resort, since it comes with many devastating side effects, including permanent ones and even some people committing suicide while on the treatment.  Certain birth control pills are also used sometimes, along with antibiotics. Although oral treatment may be an effective option for some, they are usually only prescribed for certain cases since they come with the most risk, in terms of adverse side effects.  For example, the consequences of long term use of antibiotics is still fully unknown, but may include liver damage, and those on the treatment are three times as likely to visit a health professional because of a sore throat.  This is not good news, since when taking antibiotics for such long periods of time, you always run the risk of being infected by bacteria that have grown resistant to the antibiotics. So, hopefully from all this, you learned something new.  The most important step to treating acne is to find the best acne products for yourself, and not necessarily what may be the best acne products for someone else.