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How Acne Forms

Step by step process on how acne forms.

Lack of Information About Acne a Concern

According to a survey given out by doctors, there is a large amount of false information about acne, many of which stems from media, myths and other unreliable sources.

Overweight Females More Likley to Have Acne

A study found that obese girls in their late teens are almost twice as likely to have acne compared to their normal weight peers.

Federal Reps Concerned with Mental Risks with Accutane Acne Treatment

After the son of Rep. Bart Stupak (D, Mich.) commited suicide while on Accutane, initiatives have been pushed to regulate the acne treatment drug and reduce the possible psychological risks associated with it.

Taking Antibiotics for Acne Increases Chances of Sore Throat

A study concluded that people who take antibiotics for acne are three times more likely to complain about a sore throat. This is a concern to doctors...

FDA Set to Put Heavier Restrictions on Acne Treatment Drug for Pregnant Women

Problems with Accutane and causing birth defects has pushed the FDA to consider heavier restrictions on it.













































































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