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EMC2 has come a long way in a short amount of time, from starting as a personal journey, into helping countless people, and with their support, becoming a research center. EMC2 is constantly being tested, made from only premium ingredients and in small batches in order to ensure personal attention and the best quality possible. Every single batch is inspected and monitored by PhD level chemists and up to 1 out 3 batches are thrown out if they do not pass our strict guidelines for quality. No shortcutting.

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EMC2 uses the exact opposite approach from normal products to get rid of acne.  The key difference is that it is an oil-based cream rather than water-based.  Most people are now probably wondering “why would I put oil on my skin when it makes people breakout?”  Well, that’s the common misconception that prevented me from getting completely clear skin.


Fact #1: All oils are not created equal.

Summary: Myth- Oil causes acne.
Fact- Oil alone does not cause acne, bacteria is what causes disgusting zits. Your skin NEEDS oil and will ALWAYS have oil. Luckily, oil can actually be used to get rid of acne. Read on for more details.

There are some oils that can help cause acne, but there are others that don’t cause acne at all.  In fact, there are many oils that actually help fight and prevent acne, tea tree oil probably being the most famous one.  Also, oil itself doesn’t cause acne.  Have you ever seen someone with oily skin that probably has never had to pop a zit in their life?  Well, that’s because both oil and bacteria are needed to cause acne, if even one of them are taken out of the equation, then acne just can’t happen.

The problem with today’s products is that they use an approach that comes from a flawed logic.  The mentality is since oil and bacteria cause acne, I’ll just remove the oil off my face and kill the bacteria.  Well, if the solution to the problem was that simple, we’d have a lot less acne products and a lot less people suffering from acne.

So, why use an oil-based cream and where did I get such a crazy idea?  Well simply because it’s COMMON SENSE and SCIENTIFIC.

Let me explain.

Reason 1: It penetrates deeper

Summary: Oil and water don't mix. Just look at the picture to the left or better yet, try it out for yourself. Since your skin will ALWAYS have oil, normal "oil-free" creams will never get deep down into your pores. Our oil-based cream lets medication penetrate through the oil on your skin and kills bacteria that normal creams can't reach. Read on for more details.

One of the first things you learned in grade school science class is that oil and water don’t mix.  Oils mix with oils and water mixes with water.

Your pores are filled with oil.  Washing only removes oil at a surface level and temporarily.  If you remove all the oil from your skin, well, you simply can’t live since your body needs it for protection.  So what’s the point in trying to remove and keep all that oil off when it’s impossible?  There is no point.  The harder you try to get rid of it, the harder your body will work to replace it, that’s why if you try to remove all the oil off your face in the morning, you usually end up being just as oily or even more oily in the afternoon.

Since your body is constantly producing oil, water-based acne products only work at the surface.  Since water-based solutions can’t get passed the protective oil barrier your body works so hard to make, they fail to penetrate deep enough into the skin to kill off ALL the bacteria.  That’s why you might get some success from these products but rarely does it eliminate acne completely and consistently.

So actually, the most logical thing to do is to use an oil-based solution made from oils that specifically prevent acne, since oils mix with oils.  This lets the oil-based cream medicated with medical grade benzoyl peroxide to penetrate deep into the skin and kill off bacteria. 

Reason 2: Your body accepts it instead of fighting it

Summary: Since your skin NEEDS oil in order for you to be alive and will ALWAYS have oil, if you try to get rid of it for good, you are just damaging your skin and your body will fight back by making MORE oil FASTER. EMC2's special oil-base cream does the opposite. It tricks your skin into thinking it has too much oil and makes it fight back by making LESS oil SLOWER. This is good because the oil your body makes can CAUSE acne, while the oil in EMC2 PREVENTS acne. Read on for more details.

Your body is an amazing machine that adapts to virtually anything.  When you exercise, your body heats up and you sweat so that it can cool down.  When it’s cold, you shiver to create heat.  When you eat frequent meals, your metabolism speeds up and vise versa.

Your body makes sebum (oil) because it needs it to SURVIVE.  So what happens when you remove all that oil?  Your body adapts by kicking into high gear and produces more oil at a faster rate until your skin is once again oily.

Now, the solution to this problem is quite simple.  Instead of removing all the sebum (oil), we replace it with an oil that tricks the body into thinking it is sebum, which makes it slow down the production of oil rather than speeding it up.  This can actually cause your skin to be drier as the day progresses than what you’re normally used to. The oil that we replace your sebum with is also medicated with a high concentration of medical grade benzoyl peroxide that kills acne causing bacteria and prevents it from living in your new sebum.

Reason 3: You can use medicated cream without the side effects

Summary: You get to use a cream with medication without suffering the side effect of extra irritation.  EMC2 uses benzoyl peroxide without increasing irritation. Read on for more details.

The most common problem with benzoyl peroxide is that it can cause irritation to the skin, especially in water-based solutions. However, a oil-based solution can easily be made to counteract the dryness and irritation that occurs from using benzoyl peroxide by naturally infusing moisture into the skin.

Additionally, 100% Premium Organic Aloe Vera has been added in order to ensure the gentlest cream possible.


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