How to Use EMC2 Advanced Acne Cream:

Things you’ll need:

  • Regular soap (basically anything that washes and removes the oil off your skin without making you breakout)
  • EMC2 Advanced Acne Cream
  • Optional: A non-comedogenic or oil free moisturizer
  • Optional: Oil blotters/wipes

Note: You can find all these products at your local drugstore and oil blotters can be found at our store. If you need help choosing specific products or want to get them online, a product review & recommendation link is at the bottom of the page.

Feel free to e-mail me at contact@emc2acne.com with any questions or feedback! I stand by my product and actually CARE about your skin.

Before we start:

Make sure to read all of the instructions below and repeat these steps 2-3 times daily, morning and night.

It takes around 2 weeks for EMC2 to force any acne deep in your skin to the surface and you may experience very little results or even increased breakouts during this time. After this "purging" period though, you should start seeing increasing results and your results should be very noticeable after a month of daily use.

How To:

1 Wash your face to remove dead skin and oil:

Most people should use either a gentle non-comedogenic cleanser or regular soap will do if your short on cash.

Wash your face using warm water for about 1 minute and then pat dry.

1Apply EMC2 Advanced Acne Cream:

Once your skin is completely dry of water, you need to replace the oil you’ve removed off your face by applying EMC2.

When you first start using EMC2, you want to start with a thin layer on your face in order to prevent irritation. Once you feel comfortable, gradually increase the amount you apply in order to increase effectiveness.

You want to rub it in gently in small circular motions, letting the oils massage into the skin, until it is fully absorbed. A warm sensation is completely normal (just means its working), but it should NOT be irritating. If you experience irritation, cut back on the amount of cream you use.

1Moisturize as necessary:

Optional: apply your moisturizer if you experience dryness, irritation, rough skin, or flaking.  You should either use a non-comedogenic or oil free moisturizer to prevent any ingredients that might make you breakout.

1Use oil blotters to remove excess oil:

Optional: after massaging as much as the cream into the skin as possible, let your skin dry for a few minutes and remove any excess oil by patting the skin with oil blotters to control any shine on your face.



Make sure to Apply the cream 2 times a day, morning and night. Acne is a long process that develops under your skin over several weeks before most people even notice it. This is why "spot treatment" doesn't work and acne won't disappear over night. Prevention is the best method and it requires daily use.


If you need help choosing specific products, Click Here for personal Reviews & Recommendations or Click Here to buy EMC2 Advanced Acne Cream.