How To Get Rid Of Acne Pimples Overnight:

Got a pimple you need to get rid of fast? Possibly overnight? Need an emergency tactic or two up your sleeve to zap those random whiteheads but don't have EMC2 Acne Cream on hand? Once a pimple is visible on the surface of your skin, getting rid of it is no easy task. If it was or if there were some miracle cure, then there wouldn't be thousands of different acne spot treatments on the shelves of stores. In fact, I would be wary of any product that promises a consistent solution to the question “how to get rid of acne overnight.” Even Accutane, the strongest prescription medication, so strong that it can cause death, does not promise this. This is because it grows deep in your skin and by the time you can see it, the pore has usually already been infected for at least a few days, if not weeks and reversing that whole process to get rid of pimples overnight is very difficult, but still possible with a little bit of luck and if you can catch it early enough. Also, some people have had varying success from using a number of different spot treatments, many of which you can probably find inside your own home! This allows you to try different kinds of inexpensive spot treatments and to see for yourself if they work, since everyone's skin is different and will have varying results using these methods. However, it is important to note that it is by far easier to prevent pimples rather than treating them as they appear, but if your reading this now, you probably have at least a whitehead or blackhead that's already there that you'd like to get rid of, so without further ado, here are the two best home remedies:

Toothpaste- Yes, you heard it right, toothpaste.  You should definitely give this one a go before trying any other methods since everyone (hopefully) has this in their bathroom.  Simply squeeze a little bit of paste out and dab enough of it on your zit to cover it up, wait at least a few hours and then wash it off. This method is done best before you go to bed since you need to leave it on for a while and I’m sure you don’t want to go outside with a glob of toothpaste on the side of your face.

If you can’t commit a full day or at least half of one, or if you want to try something else, try:

Salt Water Method- get a cup of very warm, clean water and add a large amount of salt, making the water as salty as possible.  Then, take a cotton ball and give it a good swirl in the water.  Afterwards, take it out, give it a quick squeeze and put it on the pimple and leave it there for at least 4 minutes.  Finally, take two cotton balls and put them on opposite sides of the zit and slowly slide the cotton balls towards each other until they meet, flattening the pimple out and wash off the salt water.

If you are pressed for time, then take an ice cube and put it directly on the pimple for at least another 4 minutes after doing the Salt Water Method above which will take down the redness and make the pimple even flatter.  WARNING: Putting ice on the skin when there is salt on it can cause burns, so make sure you wash off all the salt water before applying ice.

These two methods are best used only as an emergency tactic and definitely not a long term solution. For those using EMC2 but have been skipping days and now have a breakout, you can simply apply some of the Ultra Strength cream to the problem area and it should bring it right down. How do you get rid of pimples for good? Since no one knows for sure the root cause of acne, a good acne treatment along with a healthy lifestyle is the best way to eliminate it through prevention.  Once a whitehead or blackhead is visible, it becomes much harder to treat. Also, why wait until one appears and then stress over it? Why not just make sure the problem never happens? If you haven’t found a treatment that works, you can click here if you are interested in EMC2 Acne Cream or to find a list of the most common prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments and how they work click here.

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