My Story

Hey! I'm Kim and I'm about to share a very private story (and pictures) that I don't like to talk about because it was during a period where I was very insecure, but after talking it over with a friend, I now feel a need to share since this little cream basically changed my life.

Before After

I used to suffered from acne so bad that it controlled my social life and prevented me from enjoying a lot of things because it ruined me mentally and emotionally. I stumbled on this cream after searching and not being able to find anything I was satisfied with. Don’t get me wrong, a few other products worked somewhat, but they either:

a) Didn’t work well enough

b) Didn’t work all the time

c) Too harsh and caused irritation and dryness

d) Required a doctor's prescription and upon looking online, almost all of them were prescription because they had safety issues due to harsh chemicals, not to mention a $100 refill fee.

In the end, I was still getting breakouts with minimum results. I needed something that would get rid of my acne completely and all the time. Luckily around the same time, one of my inventive friends was sick and tired of his own acne and was in the process of developing a new acne cream. He invested thousands of dollars and many years of research with highly reputable scientists and doctors around the globe in order to develop the best cream possible. Over the course of those many years, I volunteered to be a “test subject” and after dozens of experiments, a cream that worked well above my expectations was created.  We decided that we would stop there.  After all, our goal was to get rid of our acne and we were happy.  However, once word got out about the cream and more people tried it, there became a huge demand for it.  Heck, even word got out to people across the world and they wanted it shipped to them overseas, no matter the cost.  My friend became overwhelmed with the demand and asked me to help him look into actually making it into a real product.  I found the process just as overwhelming and we decided to just ignore everyone (or at least the emails we were getting) in hopes that they would all stop and forget.

It never happened.

Even after a year of ignoring people, we were still getting requests and even absurd offers as high as $50 a jar, as though the cream was some sort of miracle.  I thought about it and I realized after many years, this cream was a miracle, not a miracle product, but a miracle to me.  It had always been a little secret, the result of years of hard work paying off and it had changed my life more than I’ll ever know and I’ll always take it for granted.

All those little insecurities I had in high school because of it, the things I missed because of one little zit, the times I spent scrubbing and basically praying that I wouldn’t breakout the night before a date.

Even as I’m typing this, I’m amazed and thankful at how much this little cream has changed me.

I am humbled and regret all the times I refused to share my “little miracle” even though people were begging for it.  Especially since if it wasn’t for a few others who were willing to tell me about their own “little miracles”, I would never have come this far and I would still be struggling with dreaded zits.

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